We are in Plaza de la Misericordia. Its name comes from the hermitage that is located here and is consecrated to the Virgin of Mercy or Mother of God. The hermitage, originally from the 16th century, is of tiny dimensions and it is formed by a nave with a low vault. A little adjoining house was attached to it in the 19th century.

It is the oldest local temple that is still dedicated to worship. In its origins the hermitage was a chapel where the dukes of Béjar came to pray when they were in the town.

Plaza de la Misericordia was originated when the population grew and expanded to the plains. It has only two accesses: to the north, towards Zafra street, leading us through narrow streets to Plaza Alta; and to the south, towards Pilar Grande street, arriving to the wide streets where the manor houses and ample promenades that run through the plain area of the village.

In the center of the plaza we find a pillar that is named “Pilar Grande”, in opposition to another one that was placed in the same plaza, named “Pilar Chico”.

Plaza de la Misericordia

Plaza de la Misericordia.

Ermita de la Misericordia

Ermita de la Misericordia.

In this plaza the “Fiesta de la Misericordia” is celebrated, in which the Burguillans worship the virgin in the 8th September.

The night of the 23rd June, at the same time as Saint John's Eve, the arrival of the Summer Solstice is celebrated with rituals of water and fire in the “Fiesta de los Pilares”.

The evening starts with diverse cultural acts, music concerts and theatre plays. While the bells are ringing at 12 in the night, all the assistants wash their eyes in the pillar. The tradition tells us that everyone that does so is free of sight diseases during the year.

Around the pillar a great bonfire is lit, where the presents will throw away all the negative events that happened during the year and will make good wishes for the next one. A branch of rosemary is given and must be conserved during all the year. The evening concludes with a sangria tasting.

As a curiosity, it must be said that the Plaza de la Misericordia is the most photographed place of the population, thanks to the beautiful view of the castle that it offers, and to its own beauty. In 2016, the newspaper “Extremadura” carried out an initiative for his readers to choose the best Extremaduran place, achieving this plaza the second position.
It is an intimate and quiet place, and more than a public space it gives the feeling of being a neighborhood patio.