Paseo del Cristo

Paseo del Cristo.

The hermitage known as El Cristo or Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno was originally out of the urban term. Nowadays it is located in the Paseo del Cristo, an avenue inside the town and a recreation space, that invites the visitor to the sanctuary. The hermitage takes different names along the years. Its first name was Ermita de los Santos Mártires, due to the devotion to the martyr saints Fabián and Sebastián in the 16th century. It was known later as Ermita del Cristo de la Sangre, because that statue was worshiped there, and Ermita de la Vera Cruz because that guild established there.

By the middle of the 18th century, the statue of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene with the cross above him arrives to the sanctuary, being in that time located in the chapel that is in front of the north door. Currently it is placed in a niche. During the building of this niche in the 20th century, some funerary remains appeared, because during the 19th century the vegetable garden was used as a cemetery. The niche, sited in the High Altar, was separated from the rest of the temple by an iron fence that was donated by a couple in 1860.

Despite the famines and calamities of that moment, the devotion to the saint made possible the construction of the niche, as can be read in the inscription of the climbing ladder to the right. The chapel where was originally the statue of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene came to be the chapel of the Virgin of Los Remedios. Besides, there were also built two reredos in both sides of the presbytery dedicated to the Virgin of Sorrows and the Crucified Christ.

The sanctuary is surrounded by a wide atrium with many exits to the adjacent streets. It has also two attached houses, one of them for the coadjutor and the other one for the hermit.
Due to the devotion, some improvements were done to the building. Between them, the original bell gable was substituted by a more elaborated one, with a body of two bells, being one of them from the Convent of the Conceptionists. The chorus part was made higher and an organ was added. The atrium was also widened, and more decoration was incorporated.

Nowadays it is one of the most visited churches inside the town due to the devotion to Our Father Jesus the Nazarene. Two of the most celebrated festivities in the locality are realized in the vicinities of the hermitage: Ferias y Fiestas de San Lorenzo in August and Fiestas del Cristo in September.

Ermita del Cristo

Ermita del Cristo.