The gastronomy of Burguillos del Cerro is based on the use of the resources offered by the territory. It uses the resources of agriculture, livestock and local wild products.

At present, the traditional recipes of the Burguillan pastors and peasants are maintained, as well as the most careful cuisine that was elaborated by the religious orders in the convents and monasteries.

Chickpeas, potatoes, fruits such as figs or seasonal vegetables grown in local gardens are common ingredients in our cuisine. Gazpacho is remarkable, because it has preserved its traditional recipe until today; as well as the tomato soup or the ratatouille.

Livestock products are mainly obtained from pigs, although cattle, sheep and goats that graze in these lands are also of special importance.

Migas extremeñas

Migas extremeñas.

Cocido extremeño

Cocido extremeño.

In the locality the tradition of carrying out house slaughterings of pigs is maintained.

They emerged with the need to provide meat to families in rural areas during the year and they became a social event among family and friends.

The final product of the slaughters is the Extremaduran beef: ham, chorizo, sausage, black pudding, etc., which can be found in different establishments in the town.

When the above foods are combined, dishes such as the Extremadura stew are obtained, consisting mainly of chickpeas and chacina, or the stir-fries and blood sausage, and also the Extremaduran migas.

The olives "machás y rallás" are also typical due to the abundance of olive groves in the term. Burguillos is also an area rich in mushrooms such as gurumelos, boletus or poplar mushrooms.

The most outstanding dishes in Burguillan gastronomy are those made with wild asparagus, which can be found in different establishments of the town.

This is an area where they grow very easily. Traditionally the "esparragueros" collect and sell their product.
There is a cooperative that channels most of the purchase-sale of the local asparagus. The Feria del Espárrago, or Fair of the Asparagus, is celebrated in spring, and alternates activities of a business nature with other leisure and free time events, in order to promote the Burguillan asparagus.

You can also taste homemade sweets such as perrunillas, estrellitas, gañotes, prestines or chicharrones. In special festivities like Easter, is typical in the municipality the repeñico with matalahúva.

Revuelto de espárragos trigueros

Revuelto de espárragos trigueros.