In the day before Lent, Burguillos lives its cheerful and active Carnival. The streets are covered in flashy colors unleashing imagination and creativity.

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Is one of the most representative celebrations made during the Holy Week. It takes place on Holy Thursday, in Plaza de España.

In this act, the “Buena Mujer” (t/n: Good Woman) and the halberdiers have special protagonism. The Buena Mujer sings a song while “El Encuentro” between the Virgin and Our Father Jesus the Nazarene is produced.

The halberdiers represent the Roman soldiers that accompanied Jesus, and they are armed with halberds and swords.

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Paso de la Buena Mujer

This fair shows us the cultural and natural heritage of the locality taking as a referent one of the best products of the local gastronomy: the wild asparagus. .

It is organized by the Entrepreneurs Association and the City Hall. It takes place in Spring, and develops ludic, sportive and gastronomic activities of which we can enjoy in different spaces of the urban center and the natural environment.

The goal of this fair is to dynamize the local economy and foster a product that is associated to the territory, put it to value and improve its commercialization.

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Feria del Espárrago

It is a pilgrimage that takes place during the last Saturday of April or the 1st of May, and lasts an entire day.

A concentration of coaches, horses and pilgrims meets in the morning by the surroundings of Paseo del Cristo in order to begin with a route. It is a travel of 14 km through the Burguillan grassland where we can enjoy a field day with friends and family.

By midday is made a stop, where a chickpea eating accompanied by gazpacho is offered. Arriving to the esplanade of Convento de las Llagas de San Francisco, the night is enlivened with a musical act that ends the pilgrimage.

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Camino de San Isidro

the 9th of May, the pace of San Gregorio (n/t: Saint Gregory) takes place. The bells toll through all the village and accompany the saint. The festivity is celebrated in Plaza Alta, and the pace is followed by "The Animals' Blessing". The Burguillans take their pets there so their animals can be blessed. The festive celebrations usually take place during the weekend which is closer to the 9th of May. Then we can enjoy open-air dances, expositions, flamenco festivals, traditional games, the Subasta del Ramo and a chickpea eating.

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Camino de San Isidro

Pilgrimage celebrated in the 15th of May, by the surroundings of Convento de las Llagas de San Francisco, and besides that day, it extends to the night of the 14th or even to the previous weekend, the posterior one, or both.

It is a celebration in which the urban area ends up almost empty, because almost all the inhabitants go to the place, that is set 1 kilometer away from the village.

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San Isidro

The night of the 23rd of June, while the bells toll at midnight, in the Pilar Grande placed at Plaza de la Misericordia, the attendants wash their eyes with the fountain's water. According to the popular belief, this will prevent them from suffering ocular diseases during the year. We can also enjoy theatre plays and musical concerts.

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Fiesta de los Pilares

In the vicinities of the Center of Interpretation of the Order of the Templars, that is in the old church of San Juan Bautista, are developed activities related to the promotion of the local culture and heritage, during various days of July. Here we can enjoy theatre plays, musical concerts, exhibitions and others.

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Noches templarias de San Juan

The fair is celebrated between the 9th and the 12th, and complemented with cultural and ludic activities during the previous and posterior weeks.

Children's festivals, music concerts, popular open-air dances, dances for both young and adults, a book fair, theatre plays, various acts, sound and light shows, exhibitions, sport activities... A wide offer complemented with Burguillans' hospitality and the abundant number of establishments where, in their spacious terraces, the most valued soups and exquisite dishes of our gastronomy can be savored.

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Feria y Fiestas de San Lorenzo

It takes place in the proximities of Ermita del Amparo. During the last week of August, religious acts, open-air dances and flamenco festivals are celebrated.

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Nuestra Señora del Amparo

In the 8th of September, in Ermita de la Misericordia, religious acts and open-air dances are celebrated in the vicinities.

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Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia

With the previous celebration of nine consecutive days of worship, in the 13th La Velá (n/t: the Souree) takes place, and in the 14th at seven in the morning begins the pace of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene through the village streets.
Along with the Holy Week, it is the most important religious celebration in the village. In this date, Burguillans living in different places of Spain and in foreign countries come to the village. The impressing Subasta del Ramo and the open-air dances are characteristic of this celebration.

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Festividad del Cristo

Burguillos presents a wide variety of sports activities, including disciplines such as football, basketball, paddle, athletics, cycling, hunting and fishing.

Other less extended disciplines are also practiced, such as roller hockey or chess. Petanque is also practiced, being realized different tournaments along the year.

San Silvestre International Cross

Celebrated in the 31st of December. The “San Silvestre Burguillana” is one of the oldest popular races in Extremadura. A great number of runners take part in it, and goes through the urban area of the locality.

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Cross Internacional San Silvestre

The Carrera Popular de Subida al Castillo (t/n: Popular Castle-Climbing Race)

Takes place in May, near the festivity of San Gregorio.

The Indoor Football Marathon

is realized in summer.