From this place we can observe a nice panoramic view of the natural environment of Burguillos del Cerro, formed by ample meadows which are characteristic of the area and conformed by holm oaks, cork oaks and low mountains.
It can also be observed the reservoir of “Charco del Toro”, that supplies the population and has a fauna and a vegetation of its own.

Regarding to the communications, from this point can be visualized the roads that lead to Jerez de los Caballeros and Salvatierra de los Barros. This waving landscape in the mountain is part of the last foothills of Sierra Morena.
Inside this landscape, it comes to our attention the mines of El Cordel and of Las Cañaveras. We can see the intervention of the human being in the environment in the dumps and in the digging made in the mountain.

Minas de Burguillos del Cerro

Mines of Burguillos del Cerro.

Sierra del Cordel

Sierra del Cordel.

Burguillos del Cerro is a referent inside the peninsular and world mining field. The oldest known data of strip mining are from the Antiquity. This trajectory ceased by the end of the 20th century, in 1978 more specifically.
There are more than 30 mines all over the term. This area is rich in high purity iron. We find a unique mineral, the vonsenite, that can only be found in Burguillos del Cerro.

The mountains of El Cordel and the mines of Burguillos were declared Place of Scientific Interest in February 2017. It is conformed by a group of iron mines: the Monchi mine, the Aurora mine, the Consuelo mine and their environment.