Interior de la Iglesia del Amparo

Interior de la Iglesia del Amparo.

Iglesia del Amparo is placed in the west part of the population, in the exit to Jerez de los Caballeros. It can be accessed through a plaza where we can find one of the cruceros that there are in the population, being this one from the 17th century.

The church, from the 16th century, was known as Ermita de San Lázaro. It is believed that it served as a hospital for lepers due to the dedication to Saint Lazarus. It was widened in the 19th century. It is then when the guild of Nuestra Señora del Amparo was founded.

Currently it is part of the nursing home Nuestra Señora del Amparo – Felices García. It was founded by don Juan Felices López, owner of one of the mines of our term and native of Seville. The nursing home is managed by religious Franciscan Tertiaries.

The church is formed by a single nave that consists of a high choir and a small sacristy, and a belfry with a small bell. The altar is covered by a grooved vault where is a main niche that houses the image of the Virgen del Amparo. We can also find in this temple the image of San Francisco de Asís, originally from the Monasterio de las Llagas de San Francisco.

The festival of the Virgen del Amparo is celebrated the last weekend of August, with acts of religious worship and a popular festival in its plaza.