The railroad meant a deep change in the traditional terrestrial communications systems of the 19th century, and also in the economic structures of the regions that it went through. Spain slowly incorporated it by the middle of the 19th century. In Badajoz, the first stone of the railroad station was put in 1860.

The railway that crosses Burguillos del Cerro is that of Zafra – Jerez de los Caballeros. This project was approved in 1924, its construction started in 1926 and it was inaugurated in 1936. The aim of this railway was to connect with Huelva and some Portuguese cities in order to have a connection with the sea. This project had no continuity and it only arrived to Jerez de los Caballeros. Though no passenger trains travel through it since 1969, it is still open to merchandise traffic, both for supplying of raw materials to the cement industries and metallurgies, and for transporting elaborated materials.

Entorno de las vías del ferrocarril

Entorno de las vías del ferrocarril.

Estado actual de la antigua estación de tren

Estado actual de la antigua estación de tren.

The period of splendor of the railroad in Burguillos del Cerro coincides with the strip mining, from which were transported materials until 1978, when the mines are closed. The minerals of Burguillos del Cerro and Jerez de los Caballeros were transported to Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo in the province of Cordoba, and from there they were distributed to other places.

The City Council decided to recover the Station building by means of a project of the school workshop and was restored with a touristic aim.